Queensland Itch in Horses
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Sweet itch - Queensland Itch - on forhead
Queensland Itch or Sweet Itch on tail
Queensland Itch or Sweet Itch on Ben showing most affected areas Queensland Itch or Sweet Itch
Queensland Itch or Sweet Itch
Queensland Itch or Sweet Itch

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Sweet Itch is known as Queensland Itch in Australia, and elsewhere as IBS or Insect Bite Sensitivity, SSRD or Summer Seasonal Recurrent Dermatitis.

Although Queensland Itch (or Sweet Itch) occurs rhoughout Australia it is the tropical and sub tropical parts where the blight is worst. Queensland itch also ocurs in New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria and Tasmania. 32% of all horses in Australia are said to be allergic to Queensland itch, though the spread figures are not available. Queensland Itch (Sweet Itch) is a great deal worse than in the UK. Curiously it doesn't get the same publicity. We wonder why, and are exploring the situation actively. If you know the answer please contact me - Editor. We'll be reporting on Best Practice in the next few months, together with similar data from the USA

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Gracie May with specially made Sweet Itch rug by Snuggy Hoods

Gracie is a 17 hand heavy horse. HorseWorld had difficulty in finding a Queensland Itch (Sweet Itch) coat which fitted well. Tongue in cheek some pyjamas - a dummy coat - were made from the same material British Airways use in their 1st class " for a good night's rest". The subsequent publicity brought in Snuggy Hoods who provided the real thing. The picture at the top, with the two girls, is the specially designed coat for Gracie May. Picture right of Gracie when she first arrived at HorseWorld.

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