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Scarlet with Sweet Itch at Redwings
Paddy with Sweet Itch at Redwings

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Redwings has a large population of horses prone to Sweet Itch! We’re very lucky that we can provide these horses with the best preventative care possible.

Midges are terrible at flying. So, the majority of our ‘Sweet Itch’ horses trot off to live at our Caldecott Centre in Norfolk , which is only a few miles from the coast. Its geography makes it a very windy centre, meaning the midges are kept well at bay.Even though the wind does much to keep midges away, we still take extra measures to protect the residents. There are no areas of stagnant water at the centre, water troughs are cleaned regularly and the muck heap is kept well away from grazing areas.

Horses like Rosie spend the Summer months wrapped up in Sweet Itch rugs to keep midges off them. She also wears a visor as her eyes are sensitive to sunlight. Frankie is another resident at Redwings Caldecott. He was part of a major round-up in South Wales where horses were being illegally grazed on land around Cardiff Airport .

You can see from the photographs just how badly Sweet Itch had affected him whilst he was at the site. It goes to show just how important preventative measures are, and just how much of an effect Sweet Itch can have on a horse if it is not dealt with in the correct way.

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