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Donkey with Sweet Itch Leggings

"The leggings were designed to help our elderly donkeys who found it difficult to move around, and in the summer months the flies and midges found that their legs were an easy target.  The leggings allow the bites to heal and prevent re-occurrences of the problem.  The donkeys quickly learn to balance on three legs while they are fitted.   

Kate Robinson, a Farm worker groom at Paccombe Farm (pictured), worked closely with Ashcott Equestrian to perfect the design as there was nothing on the market that was small enough for donkeys’ legs.  The original design was with a fine mesh material similar to the Boett rug fabric but this would not stay up on the legs, so we then developed the finished product which has a stiffened outer material with a soft mesh lining.

The Donkey SanctuaryThe idea for the leggings originally came from when I was in Cyprus with our support team who travel round the villages offering donkey care advice for the working donkeys; we came across a donkey that had been injured and was being well cared for and allowed to rest, but was tethered so could not get away from the flies.  We improvised and made anti fly and midge leggings using ladies stockings; we fitted one to each of the donkey’s legs and then we tied the top of the stocking to the corners of a mesh fly rug to keep them up!" - Annie Brown, The Donkey Sanctuary. For legging fitting instructions click link below.

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