Sweet Itch
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  What is Sweet Itch?
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  Stress in Horses

by Stephen Ashdown

Stephen Ashdown, Vet at Global Herbs

"The product ‘Skratch’ from Global Herbs does what it says on the tub.  
It stops scratching
. Scratching means that horses loose hair and condition and feel miserable. The product Skratch is perhaps the most powerful way of feeding away all the stress and discomfort.It is based on tree extracts that soothe, where no herbs have ever been able to soothe before. Never before has there been a mix of plants that work so effectively and economically.

Skratch has a dual action.The tree extracts pass through the skin and make your horse a much more unpleasant place for flies to spend 
their time
.These same herbs also calm down the worst areas such as the tail dock and mane.By itself Skratch is very effective but of 
course it is best to combine with good grazing management.Midges are more active at dawn and dusk and like damp ground and stagnant water.  
Screen stables and think about ceiling fans to help discourage these little insects.

The smell of Skratch is quite strong, but the flavour has just been markedly improved so that even the fussiest horses will try it.A 
little cheap apple juice mixed in with the feed also helps.

You can use the product in conjunction with special rugs like Boett rugs and, if you must, in conjunction with other fly preparations.  
However please note that sprays and fly repellents often work out very expensive and even toxic to your horse. Horses grooming each other will pick up chemicals through mouth contact".

"I use SuperSkratch and it has worked wonders with my itchy boy"
- Applass in Horse and Hound Forum. " Skratch Plus is fantastic! Has all but cured my boy" - HelsB. Click to read more here.

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