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All breeds of horses and ponies may be affected though Thoroughbreds are generally less likely to get Sweet Itch.
Icelandic horses bred and reared in Iceland and brought to the UK are particularly prone as they don't get the chance to build immunity to Sweet Itch.

In Iceland there are no Culicoides biting midges. According to Mic Rushen of Solva Sweet Itch Solutions "the rate is thought to be no greater among horses bred outside Iceland than in any other breed"

Editor's Note: there are other midges in Iceland - herbivores which eat algae - Tanytarsus gracilentus. At Lake Myvatn - Midge Lake - midges swarm in blizzard like proportions. To know more click here.

Picture courtesy of Solva Sweet Itch Solutions.The DeMeulenkamp Sweet Itch Rug